This Guide Refers To The Following Wheelsets

  • HUNT 4 Season All-road Disc (Previously HUNT 4 Season Gravel Disc)
  • HUNT SuperDura Dynamo Disc V1
  • MASON X HUNT 4 Season Disc V1
  • MASON X HUNT 650B Adventure Sport Disc V1
  • MASON X HUNT 650B Adventure Dynamo Disc V1
  • HUNT 30 Carbon Gravel Disc V1

Rear Axle Adapter Swap (3:12 in the video below)

  1. Remove the wheel from the bike and remove any disc rotors, disc rotor adaptors, and cassette if fitted.
  2. Using a 17mm spanner on the drive side end of the axle and a 5mm hex key (or another 17mm spanner) in the non-drive side axle loosen and fully unscrew the black non-drive side axle cap. Please remember to remove the lock ring if installed before unscrewing the cap.
  3. Pull out the axle completely from the drive side.
  4. Insert the new axle adaptor into the freehub and main hub body.
  5. Tighten the new black non-drive side axle cap using the hex-key and 17mm spanner. Tighten to approximately 3 Nm equivalent to slightly more than the pressure that can be applied to the short end of the Hex key.
  6. Fit to your bike as normal.