This guide refers to the following wheelsets

  • Trail Wide V1
  • Enduro Wide V1
  • All Mountain Carbon V1
  • XC Wide V1


  1. Remove the wheel from the bike and remove any disc rotors, disc rotor adaptors, and cassette if fitted.
  2. Remove the non-driveside end cap using two 17mm cone spanners (not supplied).
  3. Pull the driveside end cap and axle from the hub.
  4. Remove the freehub body taking care to retain the small spacer that sits behind the freehub body and the large seal that runs around the circumference of the body – note the seal's orientation.
  5. To service the freehub mechanism clean the ratchet ring and the pawls of the freehub body with a dry microfibre cloth and lubricate with a thin layer of lightweight grease.
  6. If you are fitting a new freehub body, please be aware that the Shimano Microspline body has its own dedicated axle so if you are swapping to or from a Microspline body you will also need to swap the axle.
  7. To reassemble place the spacer onto the driveside bearing.
  8. Make sure the seal is fitted to the freehub body correctly (the right way round and seated in its groove) and fit the body with an anti-clockwise motion.
  9. Use an Allen key, pen or similar to orientate the washer with the centre of the hub to allow the axle to pass through.
  10. Fit the axle from the driveside through the freehub body.
  11. Clean and lubricate the O-ring on the non-driveside end cap and tighten it onto the axle (8nm).
  12. Seat the freehub body seal. A 4mm ball-ended Allen key is ideal for this or you can carefully use a pen, cone spanner (as in the video) or similar. When it is seated it will ‘float’ and little resistance will be felt when rotating the body.