This Guide Refers To The Following Wheelsets

  • 4 Season Disc V3
  • 35 Carbon Gravel X-Wide
  • 4 Season Gravel X-Wide
  • 30 Carbon All-road Disc (Previously 30 Carbon Gravel Disc)
  • Adventure Sport Disc
  • Adventure Carbon Disc
  • Adventure Dynamo Disc
  • 30 Carbon Dynamo Disc
  • Search Dynamo
  • Race Aero
  • Race Aero Wide
  • Race XC Wide
  • XC Wide
  • TrailWide Version 2
  • Proven Carbon Race XC
  • 30 Carbon CX Disc Tubular

This hub differs slightly in terms of sealing, flange design etc across the various models, but they are fundamentally the same as far as these procedures are concerned.

Rear Axle Adaptor or Freehub Body Swap

  1. Remove the wheel from the bike and remove any disc rotors, disc rotor adaptors, and cassette if fitted.
  2. Pull the driveside end cap from the axle – no tools are required.
  3. Remove the non-driveside (longer) end cap from the axle – no tools are required.
  4. If you are swapping or servicing the freehub body this simply slides off the axle.
  5. Make sure you retain the red spacer behind the freehub body this needs re-fitting before re-installing the freehub body.
  6. To service the freehub mechanism clean the ratchet ring and the pawls of the freehub body with a dry microfibre cloth and lubricate with a thin layer of lightweight grease.
  7. Fit the red spacer onto the drive side of the axle.
  8. Fit your freehub body of choice.
  9. Fit your required axle adaptors/end caps.
  10. Ensure that the adaptors are fully pressed home to ensure proper fit and prevent any lateral play.