This Guide Refers To The Following Wheelsets:

  • HUNT 36, 50, 3650 Carbon Wide Aero Wheelset
  • HUNT 36, 50 UD Carbon Spoke Wheelset
  • HUNT 52. 62, 82 Aerodynamicist Wheelset 
  • HUNT 4 Season Aero Wheelset
  • HUNT Sprint Aero Wide Wheelset
  • HUNT Race Aero SuperDura Wheelset

  1. Use 5mm hex keys in both end caps to remove one of them. Remember the order and orientation of any spacers/caps.
  2. You only need to remove the freehub side end cap so if that comes off first then go straight to step 4.
  3. If the non-freehub side end cap came off first use a 10mm hex key in the axle with a 5mm key in the remaining end cap to remove it.
  4. Slide off the freehub body.
  5. There is a rubber seal between the freehub body and the hub shell. The new freehub body usually comes with one of these as well. They are the same for Campagnolo and Shimano. It will only need replacing if worn. Make sure you find this and ensure you don't put the new freehub body on with an extra seal if you are leaving the original in place.
  6. Take the metal spacer out of the centre of the original freehub and place it in the new freehub body.
  7. Slide on the new freehub body, and turn it gently to help it slide in place.
  8. Replace the end caps and spacers and tighten the end caps using the same hex keys as you did to remove them.

    NOTE: If you have purchased a new freehub, before installing it, you will need to remove the black outboard seal from the new freehub. Failure to do so will result in system resistance.

If you just want to give your current freehub a clean follow these two steps before fitting the hub again:

  1. After removing the freehub body, use a solvent degreaser and apply carefully to pawls making sure you do not spray over the seals on both sides of the freehub body.
  2. Once de-greased, use a light grease to the pawls. 

Note: This guide also refers to Race Aero & Race Aero Wide wheels V1 shipped before May 2019. If your wheels are newer than this you don't need to use any tools to work on the hubs, the axle end caps and freehub body pull off by hand.