HUNT carbon rim brake wheels all have carbon braking surfaces and are supplied with brake pads specifically designed for use on carbon braking surfaces.

  • Do not use any other brake pads with your HUNT carbon rim brake wheels. Replacements can be ordered online.
  • Never use a brake pad on a carbon rim if it has previously been used on an aluminium rim. The pads will have been contaminated by aluminium particles which will damage the carbon braking surface.
  • Two different specs of brake pads are available as pictured below. Your wheels should be supplied with either Campagnolo or Shimano/SRAM (fit both standard and direct-mount calipers) brake pads depending on the freehub option you have chosen.

  • See your brake manufacturers instructions for details of how to fit the pads.
  • If in doubt about which pads you need please contact us.

Squeaking Noises While Braking

When used for the first time carbon rim brakes can be a little noisy. The rim surface and the pads are smooth and can have a residual coating from manufacture leading to squeaks and squeals. After a few rides with a little dirt they should have bedded in and the noise will subside.

If the noise persists there are a few things to check. Give the rims and pads a good clean with warm water and a little detergent, making sure that there is no debris trapped in the pads.

The pad alignment can cause squeaking if the pads are not aligned to the rim and the braking pressure is not spread evenly. All parts of the pad should touch the rim braking track at the same time. You can also try to toe-in the pads so the front touches just before the back as the brake is pulled, changing the way that pressure is applied when braking.

If you are having any difficulties please get in touch. You can speak to us on live chat or email us and we’ll respond within 24 hours.