These Referral Program Terms and Conditions set out the rules and regulations for the HUNT Refer A Friend program. Individuals participating in the Company's referral program (the "Participants") agree to abide by these Terms.


Who can be part of the program?  

  • Referrer can be any Any HUNT Customers who have purchased from 

  • Friend/referees can be anyone who places their first order on using the referral code sent to them by the referrer.  

  • Referrers can invite friends, family, or acquaintances to  

  • Friends/Referees cannot be existing customers.  

  • The referrer and the friend/referrer cannot be the same person 


2. Referral Process:   

  • Referrals can be made after placing an order on  

  • Customers will be presented with the option to refer a friend on the order confirmation page. 

  •  Alternatively, customers can contact us and we will provide them with a referral code.    


3. Reward:  

  • Referrers can give their friends a 10% discount code off their first HUNT Wheelset.  

  • The referrer will receive a 10% discount code via email after their friend has placed and received their first order. The discount code may take up to 30 days to be sent after the referee has placed their order.  

  • The discount code cannot be applied retrospectively to their existing order. 

  • The referrer will not receive their reward if the friend/referee makes use of their 60 day return rights.  

  • Referral rewards can only be applied to orders containing wheelsets or single wheels. 

  • The nature and value of rewards may vary and will be communicated to Participants at the time of referral.   

  • Rewards may be subject to change at the Company's discretion.  

  • Rewards will expire 6 months after date of issue. 


4. What's not allowed:   

  • Participants may not refer themselves or create multiple accounts to benefit from the referral program.   

  • Referrals must be genuine, and the Referee must be a new, unique customer to the Company's platform.   

  • Referral rewards cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts.  

  • Referral rewards cannot be used retrospectively on previously placed orders.  


6. Termination and Modification:   

  • The Company reserves the right to terminate or modify the referral program at any time, with or without notice, at its sole discretion.   

  • Termination or modification of the referral program will not affect rewards earned before the change.  


7. Privacy:   

Participants' personal information will be handled in accordance with the Company's Privacy Policy.


8. General Provisions:   

a. These Terms constitute the entire agreement between Participants and the Company regarding the referral program and supersede any prior agreements or understandings.   


By participating in the Company's referral program, Participants acknowledge and agree to these Terms. The Company reserves the right to interpret and enforce these Terms at its sole discretion.