International Pricing


All payments on are collected in Pound Sterling. The price you pay will be converted by your credit card company/PayPal at their exchange rates from your normal card/PayPal account currency and may include charges so please check with them if you would like to confirm these before ordering. We do reserve the right to cancel the order if shipping to your address is excessive and unforeseen, however this is very rare and we will do all we can to avoid this as we want to support our customers and do all we can to allow you to ride Hunt Bike Wheels.

Channel Islands/Isle of Man

If you are browsing from the Channel Islands/Isle of Man please visit For customers from the Channel Islands VAT will be rebated post-purchase by our Rider Experience team.

European Union

All payments on are collected in Euros. ITS Cycling EU GmbH, trading as HUNT Bike wheels is based in Germany so all EU taxes are included in the final price.


To see our full information on US Taxes, please visit this page.

For duty and shipping, please visit this page.


If you are browsing from a non-EU country, you can visit our International website - which includes our international pricing and allows you to check out and transact in 8 different currencies - USD, CAD, AUD, CHF, SGD, NOK, NZD and JPY. 

The prices on our International / Non-EU website ( are formed by taking into account several factors. They are exclusive of VAT but apart from manufacturing cost, international pricing also takes into account:

  • Higher shipping costs - Due to our choice to send everything with express premium delivery, shipping costs can be quite high and eat into our already low margins quite a lot or even result in a loss.
  • Increased admin work – Due to the extra documents and paperwork that accompany every international shipment, the time and consumables spent represent a significant amount extra on sending international orders.
  • Transaction fees and currency conversion fees – We are a British company so we operate in GBP. We’ve included 8 foreign currencies that customers can transact in which benefits them by the fact no currency conversions are applied to the transaction. In order to do this, we are the ones who cover these currency conversion fees and ever-changing rates when we have to convert these currencies in GBP.
  • Unforeseen costs related to lost parcels, returns, customs charges, etc – Due to the fact that shipments travel longer distances, the chances of parcels getting lost is higher and represents a cost which we try to factor in along with the rest. Furthermore, in the unfortunate occasion of a warranty return, we’ve decided to cover this for free, including sending the shipment back to the customer. This oftentimes means we will make a loss but is something we believe is the right thing to do so we try to factor such costs as well.

The prices you see on our international website ( in those currencies are exactly the amount which will be processed without any conversion.

Please note: If you want to use PayPal and transact in your preferred currency (from the stated above), please use PayPal from the Checkout page, rather than the Cart Page.

Will I have to pay any Customs charges in my country?

Shipments sent outside the European Union may be subject to import duties, local courier admin fees and taxes, which may be applied once a shipment reaches your country. Please note: we are legally required to declare the full value of goods (not including shipping charges) on all packages for delivery outside the European Union, and shipments may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are applied once a delivery reaches your country. It is a criminal offence to falsify the details on this form. We cannot inaccurately describe the contents, claim a lower value or mark as a gift.  For details of Customs charges please consult your own Customs authorities for the latest rates.

Please be advised that some courier companies that we use may allow you to pay for import/customs charges after the order has been delivered to you. This is standard procedure for these companies to ensure that your order is delivered to you as soon as possible and not delayed in customs. These charges are solely dependent on your local customs office and the courier company, Hunt Bike Wheels cannot control these charges. For more information and advice it is best to contact your local customs authority.

Hunt Bike Wheels are not able to bear any customs or import duty costs, these must be paid by yourself the customer. Unfortunately, we have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. We are unable to reimburse any costs incurred regardless of the circumstances so do please ensure you are fully aware of these costs before placing your order.

Thank you for your understanding and please do contact us if there are any questions we may be able to help with. You can speak to us on live chat (bottom right of the page) or email us.