As riders ourselves, we understand it is heart-breaking when your pride and joy suffers a bad crash.  If your HUNT wheels are damaged as a result of a crash or incident, we offer up to a 35% Crash Replacement Discount on parts to help get you back on the road/trails. This discount is applicable for the lifetime of the wheelset.

Should this apply to you, please fill in our Technical Support Form with the relevant details and we'll be in touch within 72 hours.

In the interest of sustainability, we will aim to facilitate wheel repairs close to you, at your Local Bike Shop.


Crash Replacement Discount is applicable:

  • For all first and subsequent owners.
  • For wheelsets purchased through our Nearly New scheme.

Crash Replacement is not applicable in the below circumstances:

  • For cosmetic damage where the performance and safety of the product are not in any way compromised.
  • For wear-and-tear seen through normal use.

NOTE: If returning an item to us, please remove all accessory items not included with your purchase or subject to the Policy claim. This includes: tyres, tubes, rim tape, cassettes, skewers, computer magnets etc. We cannot be responsible for loss or damage to accessory items returned to us.


At HUNT, we understand what a wheel's life can be like - it's tough! No wheel is indestructible, but with our knowledge and expertise, we can make your old and tired wheel(s) ride like new again, to help save cost and resources. We offer the below services as standard:

  • Rim swaps
  • Spoke replacement
  • Wheel truing
  • Freehub body swaps
  • Bearing replacements

To organise a repair, please complete our Technical Support Form.