• HUNT Enduro Wide V1 & V1.5
  • DH Privateer

Tools Required:

  • 15mm axle or equivalent

The following instructions are applicable to both the drive and non-drive side of the hub.

1. Using a finger remove the 15mm axle adapter.

2. Insert a 15mm axle or equivalent into the axle adapter no more than 10mm to avoid over insertion and prising on the hub bearing. 

3. Carefully lever the adapter out working around clockwise.

4. Both the retaining ring and adapter will come out together.

5. Once the adapters are removed, repeat on the opposite side of the hub.

6. With the adapters off you will be able to clean hub internals and either service or replace bearings. We advise to put a small amount of light bearing grease on the outer side of the bearings for additional protection.