• HUNT 30, 40, 50 Carbon Disc wheelset
  • HUNT 35 Carbon Gravel Disc
  • HUNT 4 Season All Road Disc (2024)
  • HUNT 4 Season Gravel Disc (2024)
  1. Remove the wheel from the bike and remove cassette if fitted.
  2. Pull the drive side end cap from the axle – no tools are required.
  3. With the freehub body, this simply slides off the axle. The H_Ratchet SGL is likely to stay in place within the hub body. Should it come out, please note the orientation in preparation for re-installing.
  4. To service the freehub mechanism, clean the H_Ratchet SGL and ratchet rings of the freehub body with a dry micro-fibre cloth and lubricate with a thin layer of lightweight grease on each surface.
  5. Fit the H_Ratchet SGL onto the drive side of the axle, with the sprung side facing outwards. Then slide the freehub of your choice on. You may have to turn the H_Ratchet SGL a little to slide into the ratchet ring teeth. 
  6. Push the adaptor/end cap back on to the drive side of the axle. Please Note: if swapping from SRAM XD or SHIMANO HG to SHIMANO Microspline  or vice versa the drive side end cap is specific to the freehub body. 
  7. Ensure that the adaptors/end caps are fully pressed home to ensure proper fit and prevent any lateral play.