What is it?  

Cannondale Asymmetric Integration (Ai) utilises an offset rear triangle and drivetrain. The offset shifts the rear hub and drivetrain 6mm to the right. According to Cannondale, this allows its bike to deliver super short chainstays, and a rear wheel that is stiffer and stronger because the spoke tension and angles are equal on both sides, without making the rider compromise on tyre or drivetrain choice.  

Although unique to Cannondale, an Ai setup utilises a standard hub and rim meaning that virtually any wheel can be re-dished to accommodate this offset.  

Cannondale utilises Ai across a number of their off-road bikes. Currently, the only drop-bar bikes using Cannondale Ai offset are as listed below:  

  • SuperSix Evo CX & SE
  • Topstone Carbon (Pre–2022)
  • SuperX  


What does this mean for me?  

In order to run HUNT wheels on your Cannondale Ai bike, the rear wheel must be re-dished by 6mm outboard.  

This is a process that a professional wheel-builder or mechanic can do through an adjustment at the spoke nipples. Further, with rims up to around 50mm deep, you can even use the standard spokes and nipples for this offset, as the bracing angle does not differ too much. Any deeper than this, and you may want to consider new spokes/nipples to accommodate the wider bracing angle.  

It’s important to remember that re-dishing wheels to the Ai standard will negate the benefits of asymmetric rims, so you’re better off sticking to wheels featuring symmetrical rim profiles.  


Are there any wheels I can’t run on Ai?  

UD wheels – Our UD Carbon Spokes, whilst truable, feature structural differences vs traditional steel spokes. Thus, we do not recommend attempting to re-dish any wheels featuring UD Carbon Spoke technology.  

50mm+ deep wheels – The depth of the rim means spoke length and angles differ to the extent that new spokes/nipples may be required.  


Why can't I buy my wheels Ai-Ready from you?  

We’d love to be able to offer wheels ready out-the-box for all applications and standards. At this time, it’s not possible to offer custom or non-standard builds owing to the time it would take our UK- & US-based wheel-builders to get through the volume. We’re always exploring ways to make these things possible, however, so when we’re able to offer Ai-Ready builds then you’ll be the first to know.

*Note: Your HUNT Warranty will not be void if you have your local bike shop/Mechanic offset your wheels.