Here at Hunt Bike Wheels, we use some of the finest and most precise bearings available. Below is a quick explainer to help you understand the differences. If you want to chat more about our bearings, use the LiveChat feature, and our Rider Experience team will happily help you.


Some of our road & TT wheels use CeramicSpeed bearings in the hubs and freehubs. All CeramicSpeed ball bearings are made of the highest quality Grade 3 Silicon Nitride and feature the highest achievable surface finish and roundness. CeramicSpeed ball bearings feature unparalleled impact strength, smoothness and roundness.

CeramicSpeed bearings are 3 to 5 times longer lasting than other ceramic bearings on the market and 10 times more than standard steel bearings. Testing shows the ball bearings are 15% harder, take 99% higher loads and are more than 100% smoother than other ceramic balls available on the market.

Some of our Gravel wheels use CeramicSpeed Coated Bearings which feature an additional metallic layer applied to the bearing races. The coating is applied in a very thin and even layer of 3 microns (0,003 mm) on the entire surface of the bearing race. The result is the bearings are a further 75% tougher than their standard hardened steel races and boast an average lifetime 7.5 times longer than other non-coated solutions, making them the perfect partner for our Gravel race wheels. Thanks to the coating’s high resistance to corrosion, even if the bearing is contaminated with degreaser, water or mud, the risk of bearing failure due to corrosion is negligible.

CeramicSpeed bearings are a high-performance product and so require maintenance throughout their life cycle to ensure they perform at their very best. We highly recommend that all our riders read the care guide here

CeramicSpeed bearings come with a 4-year warranty, CeramicSpeed Coated Bearings (HUNT 42 Limitless Gravel Wheels) is covered by a lifetime warranty. Please visit CeramicSpeed's website in order to register your warranty here:

EZO Bearings

Bearings are the heart of any wheel and so investing in them makes huge sense. This is why we use high-grade, precision, smooth-rolling sealed cartridge bearings from the Japanese experts EZO.

EZO bearings are used across many different industries that require high precision, high quality bearings, ranging from medical to robotics. We believe our wheels and riders require the same.

We use S&S LU/LB low friction sealed internal face, dual sealed external face bearings in our rear hubs to further reduce rolling resistance whilst maintaining excellent sealing on the exposed faces.

Like CeramicSpeed, EZO bearings require care and maintenance to ensure they roll smoothly. We recommend that our riders read our care guide here.