The freewheels on our hubs are either 3 or 4 pawl circular spring design as found on many high end hubs. They might be noisier than some other hubs but this is generally regarded as a sign of good engineering. 

This is the sound of positive engagement of the pawls in the hub shell. Each pawl is individually sprung using a strong leaf spring, which connects with one of the 45 ratchet points in the hub. Not only that they engage at several points resulting in very strong engagement. This is a similar design to those used by companies such as Hope, Royce, Tune, Zipp – all companies renowned for the engineering excellence. This can be quietened down by adding grease into the ratchets in the hub shell. This will deaden the vibration and quieten the hub, but please note if you add too much grease or use thick grease this can cause the pawls to not engage as well.