What does 'Limited Stock' mean?
We have stock ready to ship, but move quickly as stock is limited. When we have no stock left, a pre-order date and deposit option will replace the 'limited stock' wording on the product page.

What does the 'Pre-Order' date mean and when do I pay the remaining balance?
The pre-order date is the date we expect stock to arrive at our warehouse. Roughly a week before the pre-order date, we will invoice you via email, for the final balance. Please check this page out for more detail.

How does the deposit option work?
By placing an order with a deposit, you are securing yourself a set of wheels from that batch and delivery date. Then, roughly a week before the wheels are due to arrive, we will invoice you via email for the final balance. The deposit is fully refundable. If you change your mind and would prefer to order an alternative wheelset, get in touch and we can support you by moving your deposit.

Will these wheels fit my bike?
If you’d like some guidance on checking wheelset compatibility with your bike, please check out this page. If you need support selecting the correct freehub, check this page out and similarly, if you are unsure about your axle information, please check this page out. If you still have questions, feel free to speak to our Rider Experience team via LiveChat. 

Where do I put my freehub and axle information when I order?

You select the freehub on the wheel page. After checkout, an Axle Form will generate. It is on this form that you can enter your axle and bike information.

What is the difference between Hooked and Hookless and can I ride clincher tyres (inner tubes) on a Hookless wheel?
For more information, check out this great journal post here, where we cover all things Hookless. In regards to clincher tyres - no, you need a tubeless & hookless compatible tyre. Please ensure you check with the tyre manufacturer for compatibility and tyre pressure information.

Which freehub do I need for a Shimano 12 speed road cassette?
You will need a Shimano/SRAM (HG) freehub. Shimano 12 speed cassettes are built for Road Microspline freehubs but are backwards compatible with original HG splined freehubs. Please check this page for more help selecting the correct freehub for your cassette.

Do you supply Campagnolo EKAR 13 speed freehubs for your road wheels?
Though EKAR is primarily a Gravel orientated groupset, yes, we do. Please select the regular Campagnolo freehub option and then on the CART page, please add a note requesting an EKAR N3W freehub. Our order processing team will then update your order manually. Feel free to place your order and then speak to our Rider Experience team via LiveChat for further support, if needed.

How do I cancel or amend my order BEFORE dispatch?
You can contact us via LiveChat or via the portal here. Please ensure you have your HBW order number to hand when you contact us.

How long are the shipping times?
We have all the regional shipping time info here and on the CART page.

What do I do if my shipment arrives and there is something missing, the item is incorrect or is damaged?
Please submit a ticket via this page here. Ensure you select the “Orders Received” option from the drop-down box and remember to include your HBW order number. Our Rider Experience team will respond within 24 hours.

What do I do if I want to return or exchange my product under the 60 Day Ride & Return Policy?
Please head to this page and select “60 Day Ride & Return”. Fill out the form and select “Return” or “Exchange” before submitting it. If you want to exchange an item and you know what model/item you would like to swap to, please let us know by adding this info to the form. If you want to return the items for a refund, please submit the form and sit tight. Our Rider Experience team will respond and provide the return details. For more information about our Returns policy, please visit this page.