Tyre width is a hot topic, and something we find ourselves discussing with our customers regularly. There are arguments as to what tyre width is fastest, which width offers the greatest grip and also issues with fitting certain tyre sizes into specific frames and forks.

A major factor that needs to be considered when choosing your tyre size, is the width of the rim and how this affects the shape of the tyre. The size of a tyre is only relative, as fitting the same tyre to different width rims will result in different-sized tyres. At Hunt, we offer wider rims which give a number of benefits, including greater stiffness and improved aerodynamics. However, the biggest advantage is the effect the wider rim has on the tyre. Using a wider rim offers the tyre much more support, and gives a more rounded tyre profile when compared to a narrower rim profile. The benefit of a more rounded tyre is greater and more predictable levels of grip when cornering. Using a wider rim also effectively increases the tyre size, without the extra weight from moving up to a wider tyre.

A good example is a 23c Schwalbe Pro One tyre fitted to our Race Aero Wide wheelset which has a 19mm internal width actually makes the tyre 25.3mm wide. So effectively by fitting a 23c tyre to this rim, you are making it perform like a 25mm tyre in terms of stable cornering, improved grip, and lower rolling resistance (whilst saving 40g per pair in weight). The 23c Pro One tyre measuring just over 25mm also aligns perfectly with the Race Aero Wide rim, creating a smoother aerodynamic profile.

Schwalbe Pro One Measured Width

The width increase is even more noticeable with our carbon wheelsets. Our 36 & 50 Carbon Wide Aero wheelset has an internal width of over 19mm, which increases a 23c Schwalbe tyre diameter to 26mm.

If you are more of a long-distance rider and comfort is a priority, then why not fit 28c Schwalbe Pro One tyres which measure in at 29.3mm on our Mason x Hunt 4 Season Disc wheelset and 31mm on our 30 and 50 Carbon Aero Disc wheelsets. Imagine all that grip when you have to haul your powerful disc brakes on at short notice, plus loads of comfort on rougher surfaces.

We have created a tyre width guide and will be constantly updating it, which lists all our current wheelsets and the actual measured tyre sizes. This guide will help decide which the best tyre size will be for you in terms of both performance and bike clearance.


WheelsetTyreTyre WidthFitted Width
48 Limitless Aero DiscSchwalbe Pro One25mm28.8mm

Schwalbe Pro One

36 / 3650 / 50 Carbon Wide Aero

Schwalbe Pro One23mm26mm

Schwalbe Pro One25mm29mm

Schwalbe Pro One28mm31mm
30 / 50 Carbon Aero Disc / 30 Carbon Gravel DiscSchwalbe Pro One23mm25mm

Schwalbe Pro One25mm28mm

Schwalbe Pro One28mm30mm

Schwalbe G One Speed30mm
Race Aero Wide / Sprint Aero Wide / Race Aero SuperDuraSchwalbe Pro One23mm25mm

Schwalbe Pro One25mm27.5mm

Schwalbe Pro One28mm29.7mm
Race AeroSchwalbe Pro One23mm25mm

Schwalbe Pro One25mm28mm

Schwalbe Pro One28mm
4 Season AeroSchwalbe Pro One23mm

Schwalbe Pro One25mm28mm

Schwalbe Pro One28mm
4 Season DiscSchwalbe Pro One23mm24.5mm

Schwalbe Pro One25mm26.5mm

Schwalbe Pro One28mm29.1mm

Schwalbe G One Speed30mm30mm
Aero Light DiscSchwalbe Pro One23mm25mm

Schwalbe Pro One25mm27.3mm

Schwalbe Pro One28mm29mm

Schwalbe G One Speed30mm
4 Season Gravel Disc / SuperDura DynamoSchwalbe Pro One23mm25mm

Schwalbe Pro One25mm27.6mm

Schwalbe Pro One28mm30mm

Schwalbe G One Speed30mm31.34mm
AdventureSport / AdventureDynamo 650BSchwalbe G-One Bite2.1"54.4mm

WTB Byway47mm47mm