Generally speaking, when tubeless tyres are new they will lose some pressure. This is because there are often small imperfections in the tyres that allow air to escape over time. Normally it is a case of inflating the tyres and taking them for a ride, when the wheels are being ridden the sealant is forced into all these little pores and will seal the tyre. It can sometimes take a couple of rides for this to happen, but one day you find that they just ‘work’!

If your tyres have lost more than 10psi overnight we suggest topping the pressure up on the tyres and riding them again. This often works to seal the tyres.

If you can feel air coming out of the side of the tyre, notice the sealant leaking through or just find them going flat overnight this would indicate that there has been a problem in the seating of the tyre. After a bit of use, it can be that the sealant does its job and seals any gaps but this may not always be the case and the tyre may need to be re-seated.

You can remove the tyre and re-seat it again to get a new seal.

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