The amount of sealant required for tubeless tyres depends on the width. As a rule there should be enough to coat the inside of the tyre wall and leave a small puddle in the bottom of the tyre.

When fitting tyres to use wheels we use the following measurements as a base guide. (Note that you can use more if you feel it is necessary)

23mm tyres – 30ml

25mm tyres – 40ml

28mm tyres – 50ml

32mm tyres – 60ml

35mm tyres – 70ml

40mm tyres – 80ml

The sealant is water based and will eventually dry out. We recommend topping up the sealant levels every 2-3 months depending on weather conditions. If it is extremely hot or the wheels are stored in a warm place then you may need to top up the sealant more often. To top up the sealant please refer to out tubeless tyre fitting guide HERE.